model based inference in the life sciences a primer on evidence pdf

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This book is about the “information-theoretic” approaches to rigorous
inference based on Kullback–Leibler information. My objective in writing
this book is to provide an introduction to making rigorous statistical
inferences from data and models about hypotheses in the life sciences. The
goal of this primer is to explain the information-theoretic approaches with
a focus ...

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2D electrophoresis principles and methods

2d electrophoresis principles and methods

“Proteomics” is the large-scale screening of the proteins of a cell, organism
or biological fluid, a process which requires stringently controlled steps of
sample preparation, 2-D electrophoresis, image detection and analysis, spot
identification, and database searches. The core technology of proteomics is
2-D electrophoresis. At present, there is ...

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