‘DNA extraction using the ‘sap extractor

1. Setting up and using the sap extractor1:
Make sure that the rollers are completely clean and that the flushing system for cleaning the rollers between
samples is connected to a high pressure source of de-ionized water. If you can only use tap water to flush the
rollers, make sure that you finally rinse them thoroughly with de-ionized or dH2O between samples. Always
wipe the rollers dry using clean, soft tissue paper before initiating the following sample extraction.
Position ...

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DNA enrichment for low copy sequences


RAPD analysis of large genomes such as that of hexaploid wheat may be difficult to reproduce and
yields too many amplification products from repeated sequences; these amplification products may be
of little interest in genetic studies as a typical aim of the analysis is to locate individual loci in the
genome to serve as molecular markers of neighboring genes. The purpose of “DNA enrichment” is to
get rid of most of the repeated sequences ...

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Chemiluminescent AFLP protocol

(based on protocols from Vos et al. 1995. Nuc. Acid Res. 23:4407-4414, Greg Penner, AAFC, Winnipeg and the
Digoxigenin system of Enrico Perotti, CIMMYT)

This AFLP protocol has been optimized for hexaploid wheat but has worked very well for maize, rye, tetraploid
durum wheat and Tripsacum. The use of PstI instead of EcoRI is especially useful for hexaploid wheat due to
the very large genome size and the very high level of repetitive sequences. ...

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model based inference in the life sciences a primer on evidence pdf

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This book is about the “information-theoretic” approaches to rigorous
inference based on Kullback–Leibler information. My objective in writing
this book is to provide an introduction to making rigorous statistical
inferences from data and models about hypotheses in the life sciences. The
goal of this primer is to explain the information-theoretic approaches with
a focus ...

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